Review Policy

Submissions for book review requests are now closed. Thank you for your interest in being reviewed on this blog.


My review policy is very simple –

  • I am always honest in my reviews
  • I balance my reviews with elements of what I liked and disliked. No book is entirely black or white. If I feel I absolutely won’t enjoy reading a book I do not accept the submission.


How to submit a book for review –

  • The genres I don’t accept submissions in are – Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Self-Help.
  • Please have a look at my ‘Recommended Reading’ category to get an idea of the kind of books I’ve enjoyed reading in the past.
  • Please send me an email – – with the blurb of your book or a public link first and I will confirm to you within 24Hrs if I am available to review your book. After which you can email/link/post me a copy!


Thank you again for your interest and good luck with your writing