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Claudine in Paris ~ Colette 

Those who read my review of Claudine at School know by now just how delighted I was with it. I was quick to get my hands on the whole series and, Claudine in Paris is the second book while continuing to be a sheer joy to read.

Here, Claudine is seventeen and still ruthless and has moved from her sheltered life in Montigny to Paris. Colette’s prose is witty and sparkling, and there wasn’t a single page I didn’t turn without arching my eyebrows. Only in France could this book have been published way back in 1901, although I believe it still did cause quite the stir.

This second book follows a similar theme; with Claudine observing human nature as best she can. Like the first part, this one too is open about homosexuality, while also touching on other such scandalous subjects as sadomasochism and mistresses. I will say however that some parts of the book may be offensive to us modern readers, but what undoubtedly kept me going was how absolutely hilarious Claudine is.

Why you should read it:

  • To peek inside the mind of an early twentieth-century French teenager (the books are partly auto-biographical for that matter)
  • For a quick-witted and breezy read
  • Much juicier than reading mindless clickbait articles online!

Why you shouldn’t read it:

  • If political incorrectness might offend you
  • There are some instances in the book that describe abuse in a (sadly) lighthearted way