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The Green Road

“I think of you often” she wrote “And just as often I smile”

The Green Road ~ Anne Enright

Three continents and (if I got it right) three decades. A family saga, but not an easily forgettable one. The novel opens with Rosaleen Madigan, the family matriarch who takes the “horizontal solution” and declares herself unwell when her oldest son Dan announces that he was to become a priest. The writing quickly absorbs you with every chapter a little deeper into the seemingly ordinary life of each member of the family spanning decades and continents. In the centre of it all remains Rosaleen and her husband Pat who is described to the reader only through the memories of his family.

I read the book, then read the reviews and remained unconcerned with what others thought. A trait I deeply admire in the books that I read and like. Forget for a moment if you can that the writing is crisp, humorous where it has to be and reins in on the melodrama just when you’re expecting some. Instead, each character and their life is a self-reflective fault that you can’t escape from once you begin thinking about it.

Why you should read it:

  • For the Irish sadness of it all
  • To witness how a book is written without wasting a single line on the unnecessary
  • For a quiet read

Why you shouldn’t read it:

  • Had enough of sagas and dysfunctional families