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The Changing Room

“I mean, why would anyone want to go to Australia? They haven’t had a decent cricketer since Donald Bradman”

The Changing Room ~ Jane Turley

Sandy Lovett seems to lead a relatable life of a working woman in the modern world. She executes her tasks at her 9 to 5 with expertise but is barely appreciated whilst dodging the occasional sexual predator at the workplace-scenario. Her husband is losing work as a contractor due to recession so the family needs to tighten its belt. Her children are loving but give her a hard time and her ageing mother has Alzheimers and is brutally honest about pointing out Sandy’s faults, especially her bulging body part which shouldn’t be mentioned.

Personally, this is not a genre I take to easily but I can assure you of your enjoyment with it if it is yours. However, I do not entirely regret my decision to pick this up either. In the midst of all the other heavy historical fiction, gut wrenching World War II epics or literature that pose existential questions at the end of every chapter; this was a well deserved relief. One that I could breeze through on two well chosen sunny days in the park.

It isn’t the funniest book I’ve read lately or the most immersive, but it was a light humorous read about more real everyday struggles with none of that soppy-marshmallow-romance business that makes me cringe and gives me stomach ulcers.

Why you should read it:

  • Lovable characters
  • Some unexpected turn of events in the plot
  • A mother figure, whom we all know and love

Why you shouldn’t read it:

  • If you are looking for a literary novel-esque read