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This is how you lose her

“She’s dark and heavy browed and has a mouth like unswept glass – when you least expect it she cuts you”

This is how you lose her ~ Junot Diaz

A book, not for the faint hearted. Before you begin reading this book you must ask yourself two important questions if want to avoid developing a seething rage against yourself for abandoning a book midway. Can you handle ‘gritty’ writing and Are you willing to be shown the ugly more supposedly honest face of love? This is how you lose her is a collection of nine short stories centred around the life and loves of Yunior and his Dominican friends and family. Written almost entirely from a male perspective, you’d be relieved to find even one character in the book that you actually like, perhaps that was the purpose of the stories to begin with. To say that Junot Diaz is liberal with his language and description is like saying Labradors have a pleasant disposition. Not to mention, if you don’t speak Spanish a lot of the slang and dialogue will be rendered quite useless and sometimes frustrating.

The men in the book cheat on their women repeatedly, feel sorry for themselves and then go and do it again. Throw into this mix a very obvious lack of respect for women including their mothers and a failure to succeed in almost all life endeavours. Yes, almost all of us have met and or dated men like Yunior and his pals, but do we need to unforgivingly be exposed to their unattractive ways with almost no diversion in subject matter. In my opinion this book is about seven stories too long.

Why you should read it

  • A peek into the culture and lifestyle of Dominicans
  • If you need convincing reasons on why to be faithful to your partner
  • To feel blessed if you have found a close to loving partner
  • At least two stories in the collection are convincing commentaries on love and loss

Why you shouldn’t read it

  • The only emotion you might feel while reading the book, is mild anger
  • Frankly, the misogyny is spread on too thick for my liking