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“When there were no more Germans to stab or slash the boys fell to the earth, panting like the dogs they had become”

Wait for the Whistle ~ Hywel Lewis

I have very conflicting emotions about War. While on the one hand I take a very strong negative stance against war as a real-life concept; I just can’t get enough of it as fictional or biographical entertainment. This was the main reason I picked up the book and was not disappointed. The book is based on a fictional group of four young Welsh best friends in the middle of the First World War and their young misguided enthusiasm for bravery. I should warn you that the first half of the book might be a little slow to get through but don’t lose heart as the book makes up for it in the second half. I had a satisfying two days of being in muddy trenches and almost catching the sound of a bullet grazing my cheek in the midst of macho military men and a silly silly war.

Why you should read it:

  • Atmosphere of brotherhood and camaraderie
  • Long conversations about rugby and war – enough to man you up for a few days
  • A brilliant opening chapter

Why you shouldn’t read it:

  • Will not help ease your loathing for war if you have one
  • Not certain about absolute historical accuracy