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Eleanor & Park ~ Rainbow Rowell 

And you look like a protagonist. You look like a person who wins in the end”

Its my fault really. Nobody put a gun to my head and forced me to read this book, but I did anyway because of all the raving reviews. Eleanor and Park is a book about first teenage love – set in the ‘80s; and there was absolutely nothing I read in it that I haven’t already seen in every other cheesy teenage drama from the last few decades. Probably the only diversity added was a mixed-race boy and a girl with body image issues. Despite the done-to-death cliches of troubled teens, school bullies and abusive stepdads, the book has some cute moments and a touching ending but it definitely did not bring forth any waterworks. And I’m not that emotionally constipated either, many puppies around the world will vouch for that.

Eleanor: Go away Park. I’m fat and poor

Park: I love your face. Even though I’m a rich kid with a catchy name and a perfect family I’m still confused and blame my Korean heritage. Also, I’m cool cuz I read comic books and wear black all the time

Eleanor: Well in that case, you can kiss me and whisper sweet nothings about my freckles

Park: *drops mic*

Why you should read it:

  • If this is your genre of reading material
  • Fantasise about your high school crush and cry later

Why you shouldn’t read it:

  • You might not buy the story, the relationship or the characters