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Moab is my Washpot

Moab is my Washpot ~ Stephen Fry

Well mannered, decent fellows with stout hearts and not too much between the ears were the gravy and potatoes of two world wars”

The funny life of a very funny man. This book is an autobiography of Fry’s first twenty years of life and is a must read. Stephen Fry, a more notorious and hilarious icon of nearly two British generations; he is best known for playing Jeeves but also for his outrageous personal life. The book is truly hilarious and deals with universal issues of growing up. From his kleptomania to discovery of sexuality, this book could very well be one of the funniest autobiographies you will ever read.

Reader: So what does the title mean?

Fry: It has biblical reference. It can be found in Psalm..

Reader: But why did you choose it for your autobiography?

Fry: Because this book is like scrubbing at the grime of years

Reader *scratching head*: Dude I don’t get it

Fry: Perhaps if you refrained from insisting on preluding your sentences with a generalised slang, you could better concentrate on deciphering modern literature

Reader: Whatever you say man. I still don’t get it

Why you should read it:

  • It will make you feel better about your own childhood
  • Fry’s way with words
  • A very charismatic father
  • The very cream of British humour

Why you shouldn’t read it:

  • If autobiographies aren’t your first choice of reading material