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Too much Happiness ~ Alice Munro

“I am amazed sometimes to think how old I am”

Alice Munro’s writing in a lot of ways is very Anton Chekov. Her stories are exactly the kind that I most like reading: regular everyday life and its details seen through the eyes of seemingly ordinary women. They reassert the fact that everybody has a story to tell. This book is a collection of ten short stories that will fill you with a sense of calm. If you expect the same emotional thrill as a Game of Thrones mid-series episode, you might be disappointed by the distinct lack of taboo relationships or death of a favourite character. Special mention should be made of the last story Too much Happiness, which is a strikingly beautiful tale based on Sophia Kovalevsky, the Russian female mathematician from the 1800’s.

Pick any character from this collection

Reader: So what did you do today?

Character: Nothing much. I unloaded the entire family’s dirty clothes into the washing machine and then watched it tumble dry as I sat across it looking forlornly on while I dreamt about a better life.

Reader: You should do something about your unhappiness

Character: I may or may not have my abusive husband drugged and locked in the basement.

Why you should read it:

  • Believable and strong female protagonists
  • Quick read
  • Written by a Nobel Laureate

Why you shouldn’t read it:

  • It might be a snooze-fest if this kind of writing isn’t your thing